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Vampire King of Europe

Different Beginnings

2012-07-29 09:05:30

So it's been some years!

I'm making this update because I'm currently in the process of doing one or more submissions of comic ideas for Image, and perhaps other publishers, one of which is what used to be called "Sword of Heavens: Akashi". In my search for partners, they may end up coming here. Also, if the project does get picked up, I gotta make sure there's no semblance of it online, so I have removed all links to the comic around the site, (except for one worthless one which doesn't even work, it's just there as a placeholder).

Though this site is, at the moment, dead, it did represent months of arduous development behind an ideal I still very much believe in. But as much as I believe in it, I want to be a published author that much more.

Since I stopped updating this site, I have graduated twice, bachelor and masters', and am now currently employed as a full-fledged software engineer. I have never, in the mean time, stopped writing. I'm currently writing for a web-published manga project that's been doing really well on mangamagazine.net, and a smaller comic project I'm very fond of. So in short, I'm way too busy to try LC.net's ideal like it needs to be tried, taking into account that realizing said ideal is not as important to me as making a living of what I love.

I'm leaving this site publicly up simply as a piece of memory...and because it has a lot of code I don't want to have to maybe redo.

Hey, I dunno what the future may bring, but this website still represents some functionalities I have yet to see any webcomic site be able to portray, so I'm keeping it not only as part of my software development portfolio, but also in case I need some of the web-development I have done here later on in my life.
One of the programmer's codes: never re-invent the wheel. So I'm keeping this car up and alive as a demonstration of initiative, pro-activity, efficiency and efficacy. Despite its failure, I'm still proud of what I made here.

May your life draw bountiful hunts of dreams achieved,
This is Hugo, probably signing off for the last time at LegendaryComics.net.

I Will be Back

2009-12-20 16:15:41

Again, just so it stays up in the news, I have decided to delete the buffer, and put the comic on immediate hiatus. Snapshot Adventures will also be taking a break for vacations.

I've just finished cleaning up after my former associate. I think I erased all memory of him successfully :P. But we will never truly forget him...nor his dedication to make us laugh. Indeed, feel free to follow him to his new stop, at Ranter Works!
Unbelievable rage is awaiting you...go forth, and be struck by Teh Ranter! Unless you are of feeble and fragile heart, in which case, I advise against it ;).

Meanwhile, I've met very cool people while looking for an artist. I'm very hopeful and optimistic towards the future, if it involves collaboration with them. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact they're a lot older than other folk I'm used to talking "business" about...I dunno. Probably no relation, I'm sure.

What else? Ah yes, I removed some comics from the link session, comics I'm not following anymore, or that have started on an erratic and unjustified rate of updates. Though I'm sure they're not rolling in their seats about it xD. I just like to report stuff. Keep this place active, whenever I can.

Most inconvenient thing? I had the comic signed up on certain comic list sites, most of which require the comics NOT to miss updates. So I guess it's a good thing I didn't find time to put links to them in the comic area. *shrugs*

This is sounding pretty bad, but it really isn't. LegendaryComics.net, or at the very least, I... will be back. Better experienced, better learned, and intensely motivated to rock your socks all the way to freakin' Jupiter (also, eventually I won't be dying over University work, which will help).

So live in anticipation, my friends, towards the day of return!

May the rainbow of manliness bridge you a path of utter victory,
Hugo Damas


2009-12-19 05:29:32

That's right, screw it. XD. I've been thinking about how to solve the inconsistency, and that's the solution I've thought off: Shift+Del!

Sword of Heavens: Akashi will go into Hiatus as of immediately. Snapshot Adventures will also take advantage of the fact it finished an arc, to also stop for the holidays.

Normally I'd have that "working extra hard" thing, but it's been three vacations that have seen extra hard work. Not like I won't be hard at work, anyways. In the background, I'll hopefully be preparing a new buffer with the new artist. I'll also be doing other stuff you will hear about, in the near future.
But more importantly, I forgot which Anime arc will end the next arc of snapshot adventures, ^_^ '. I have to watch the anime again to get my bearings, ha ha.

Anyways, that's that. Only tomorrow will I bring down Fontes's area, and some of the banners, and change the profile area, etc I mentioned last post (read below). But I've decided not to post the fight between Akashi and Ali, so I wouldn't mess up the continuity.

If anyone wanted to see these extra updates, I'm sorry. A change in art is about all the inconsistency I can take. Bear with us, please, and do feel free to return once we're back!

That's that. Ontoni Gomenasai Gosaimasu, and be well! See ya tomorrow.

May the thunderous bellows of the underworld keep you on your toes,
Hugo Damas